Lukang Beach: How to Visit 3 Beaches in 1 Weekend with Only P1500

Fine white sand of Lukang Beach

The first stop of the island hopping trip was Lukang Beach. Although already on the town of Pagbilao, Quezon, you can only go to this white sand beach via boat from Pagbilao or Padre Burgos. The shore is lined with coconut trees to provide you with that much needed shade. You can also see Pagbilao Powerplant behind this beach. Compared to Borawan and Dampalitan beaches, swimming here is most ideal because of its white sand and clear blue waters. Kwebang Lampas is also located on this cove and can be reached by a short walk among the rocks at the right end of the beach. Be sure to check out its other opening facing Tayabas Bay. You can swim there as well.

  1. Take a bus from Buendia to Lucena Grand Terminal. Travel time is around 4-5 hours.
  2. From Lucena Grand Terminal, take another bus heading to Unisan. Go down at Brgy. Marao or Brgy. Basiao in the town of Padre Burgos. Travel time is approximately 1.5 hours.
  3. Take a boat to Borawan Island. From Brgy. Marao or Brgy. Basiao, rent a boat to the island. There are a lot of resorts that offer boat service to the island.
The fork. Head right to Padre Burgos.

By private transportation: Take SLEX. Exit at Sto.Tomas then head right. Follow the Pan-Philippine Highway passing by the city of San Pablo, Tiaong, Candelaria and Sariaya until you reach Lucena. From Lucena City, continue to Pan-Philippine Highway passing by the town of Pagbilao until you reach a fork with road signs to Old Zigzag Road (Left) and Padre Burgos (Right). Head right to Padre Burgos until you reach Brgy. Marao or Brgy. Basiao. From there, rent a boat to Borawan Island. There are safe parking spaces in town, just talk to your boatman.

Boats line up along the shore of Lukang Beach

There are no hotels or inns in Lukang Beach. According to our boatman, overnight camping is allowed. The shore’s not that long so it can get crowded during peak season.


Day 1

  • 0300 Take bus to Lucena Grand Terminal
  • 0700 Arrival at Lucena Grand Terminal. Take bus to Unisan.
  • 0830 Arrival at Brgy. Basiao, Padre Burgos
  • 0900 Take boat to Lukang Beach
  • 0935 Arrival at Lukang Beach. Explore Kwebang Lampas. Swim.
  • 1125 Depart for Dampalitan Beach
  • 1150 Arrival at Dampalitan Beach. Explore Breakwater. Lunch.
  • 1330 Depart for Borawan Island
  • 1345 Arrival at Borawan Island. Set-up camp. Explore Borawan Island. Swim.

The bus ride takes around 4-5 hours depending on what time you’ll depart. If you’re taking a car, we suggest that you leave early in the morning to avoid the morning rush hour traffic in big cities like San Pablo. Once in Lucena Grand Terminal, transfer to an ordinary bus bound for Unisan. The bus ride usually takes 1 – 1.5 hours. Upon reaching Padre Burgos, you will already see boat-for-rent signs to Borawan Island, Dampalitan and Lukang Beach. There are a number of resorts who offer the service at Brgy. Marao. All resorts charge a fixed rate for the service. If you’re on a budget, try to haggle the price until you find the best one. Also, before heading to the islands, don’t forget to buy your supplies.

Mag Asawang Bato on the way to Lukang Beach

Lukang Beach was the farthest among the three so we decided to head there first. Compared to Borawan Island and Dampalitan Beach, Lukang is the most suitable for swimming. The sand is fine and white; the water, very clear and blue. You can explore Kwebang Lampas at the right-end of the beach. You may also swim at the other opening facing Tayabas Bay. We saw tourists who were snorkeling in this area. After a few hours of beach bumming and swimming, we headed to our next stop, Dampalitan Beach.

Crowded Kwebang Lampas at the right end of the beach
The other opening of Kwebang Lampas facing Tayabas Bay

Day 2

  • 0900 Wake up call. Breakfast
  • 1000 Break-camp
  • 1100 Depart for Brgy. Basiao, Padre Burgos
  • 1130 Lunch
  • 1230 Depart for Lucena Grand Terminal
  • 1400 Arrival at Lucena Grand Terminal. Take bus to Manila
  • 1900 Arrival at Manila
  • Transportation: P440 Roundtrip bus Manila-Lucena-Manila. P80 Roundtrip bus Lucena-Unisan-Lucena.
  • Boat: P1800/boat good for 10 people (Lukang Beach, Dampalitan and Borawan)
  • Entrance Fees: P80/head daytrip (Lukang only)
  1. It’s best to visit during the weekdays. It can get really crowded during the peak season and summer weekends.
  2. Don’t forget to bring your own light source if you’re planning to camp overnight.
  3. You may contact Cris J our boatman from Brgy. Basiao at UPDATED 1/18/2016 New Numbers: 09501928546, 09055605947, 09074735193.
  4. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen. If you don’t like swimming under the sun, you may swim near Kwebang Lampas. It’s usually shaded in that area of the beach.

How to Visit 3 Beaches in 1 Weekend with Only P1500

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  1. How much is the Entrace fee pag overnight and may babayaran pa ba kami pag dating dun sa beach maliban sa entrance fee?

    Like environmental fee, or camping fee.


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