Quick Guide: Dahican Beach

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1. Book a flight to Davao City.

2. Head over to Gaisano Mall or Buhangin Gym (along the Pan-Philippine Highway) in Davao City. The first Mati-bound van leaves at 5:00 AM from Buhangin Gym. Travel time is around 3-4 hours.

3. The trip ends in Mati City van terminal. If you’re traveling solo, ride a habal-habal to Mati Airport. You can also ride a tricycle good for 4-5 people. Travel time is only 20 minutes max.

4. Get the contact details of your habal-habal or tricycle driver so he can pick you up after flying. Go to Dahican Beach after your ultralight aircraft flight.

5. On your way back to Davao City, pass by the Sleeping Dinosaur Viewing Deck around 10 minutes outside of Mati City.


DAYS RECOMMENDED: One day is enough but we recommend 2-3 days.

ACTIVITIES AND SIGHTS: Riding the ultralight aircraft. Swimming at Dahican Beach. Surfing. Skim boarding. Island hopping. See marine animals like pawikan and dugong. Beach volleyball. View deck of the Sleeping Dinosaur Island. Get lost.

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