Quick Guide: Minalungao National Park

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By Private Transportation

  1. Head north to NLEX. Exit at Sta. Rita.
  2. Head right and follow Candaba – San Miguel Road passing by towns of Candaba and San Miguel. Continue until you reach Bucana, Gapan.

There are multiple roads heading to Minalungao National Park from Gapan. It’s best to ask a local what’s the best route upon reaching Gapan. The road to the park is rough. It’s passable by sedans but better if you bring an SUV. Trave time: 4-5 hours.

By Public Transportation

  1. Take a Cabanatuan bound-bus. Go down at Gapan City, Nueva Ecija.
  2. From there, hire a tricycle going to Minalungao National Park. Ask your driver to bring you to General Tinio then hire another trike to the national park.



ACTIVITIES AND SIGHTS: Swim at Penaranda River. Explore the cave. Enjoy the scenic limestone walls. Ride the park’s zipline. Ride the raft. Cliff-dive. Get lost.

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