9 Hidden Beaches Near Manila For Less Than P2000


With more than 7,107 islands to choose from, one can never run out of beach plans here in the Philippines. But since most adventure seekers can only explore the country on weekends, we made a list for those who want to get lost but only have two days. Here’s a list of nine beaches near manila you can visit on weekends without spending too much.

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Getting lost in Potipot Island Candelaria, Zambales

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1. Dipaculao Beach, Aurora

The most popular destination in the province of Aurora has long been the surfing town of Baler. Being a coastal province, we got curious what’s beyond the famous town and what other beaches the province has to offer. We discovered a white sand paradise an hour away north of Baler called Dipaculao Beach, a complete opposite of Sabang Beach – white, empty and quiet. It’s also known as Dinadiawan Beach – named after Brgy. Dinadiawan in Dipaculao where it’s located. More about Dipaculao Beach here.

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A complete opposite of Sabang Beach
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2. Talisayin Cove, Zambales

Sandwiched between more popular coves Anawangin and Nagsasa, Talisayin Cove is the perfect beach camping destination only 3-4 hours away from Manila. There are no resorts in the cove so camping is the only option. The best part: you can have the entire cove all to yourselves since among all the famous coves in Zambales, this one is the least visited. More about Talisayin Cove here.

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The deserted Talisayin Cove
3. Potipot Island, Zambales

When friends ask us for white sand beaches perfect for beach bumming, Potipot Island is our top of mind answer. The island is surrounded by white sand, and there are plenty of trees if you need shade. Bonus: there’s a spot in the island perfect to watch the sunset. More about Potipot Island here.

Sunset in Potipot
4. Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province

Recently, Quezon Province is becoming a popular backpacking destination because of its secluded white sand beaches perfect for weekend getaways. Leading the list of white sand beaches is Cagbalete Island, an underrated island with a mile long sandbar, just three hours from Manila. More about Cagbalete Island here.

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Cagbalete Island facing the mainland
5. Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

Just an hour from Tagaytay, this beach is gaining popularity because of its fine white sand and proximity to Manila. Once you get there, go to the far left side of the main Burot beach and you’ll find secluded coves perfect for that quiet camping experience. More about Burot Beach here.

The secluded coves of Burot Beach, Batangas
6. Magalawa Island, Zambales

When going up to Zambales, adventure seekers are filtered by popular coves and surfing spots in the south. A couple of hours up north is the inhabited but quiet Magalawa Island in Palauig. This island has everything contemporary backpackers need. More about Magalawa Island here.

The famous sand bar of Magalawa Island
7. Lukang Beach, Pagbilao, Quezon

The charm of this beach includes Kwebang Lampas on its right most end and the unlikely Pagbilao Power Plant chimney towering over the beach’s backdrop. Its charm is unlike any other we’ve seen. Its white sand, clear blue water, as well as the journey going here, is a class of its own. More about Lukang Beach here.

The chimney uncharacteristically towering over the white sand beach of Lukang.
8. Dampalitan Beach, Pagbilao, Quezon

White sand beaches lined up with pine trees is common, but if you want an isolated and less crowded getaway, head on to Dampalitan Beach in Quezon. Imagine how this secluded beach looks like at night? More about Dampalitan Beach here.


9. Borawan Beach, Pagbilao, Quezon

Although named after Boracay’s white sand and Palawan’s limestone formation, Borawan is still one of a kind. This hidden beach in Pagbilao, Quezon should be on top of every adventure seeker’s list. More about Borawan Island here.

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  1. My 2 kids and I is planning to have a gate away vacation 2days and 3 nights..any place where is affordable room for us and nearby beaches to travel..thanks


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