Quick Guide: Malapascua Island

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  1. Book a flight to Mactan International Airport in Cebu City. Major airlines like Cebu Pacific, Air Asia & Philippine Airlines have daily trips to Cebu. Travel time from Manila: 50 minutes.
  2. Take a taxi from the airport to North Bus Terminal. Travel time: 20-30 minutes.
  3. From Cebu City North Terminal, ride a Ceres bus bound to Maya Port in Daanbantayan. The bus trip will end in Maya Port. Travel time: 4-5 hours. Most buses are non-airconditioned so make sure to get a comfortable seat.
  4. Ride a boat from Maya Port to Malapascua. First trip leaves at 7AM while last trip going back to Maya Port is at 2PM. In the late afternoon during low tide, smaller boats will pick you up both in Maya Port and Malapascua since bigger boats can’t get in. Travel time: 45 minutes to an hour.
  5. Once in Malapascua, you can opt to walk for 15-20 minutes or ride a habal-habal to your resort.

ESTIMATED BUDGET: P6000 including flight


ACTIVITIES AND SIGHTS: Dive, snorkel, island hop, beach bum, beach volleyball, daytrip to Kalanggaman Island, cliff jump, watch the sunset, get lost.

9 thoughts on “Quick Guide: Malapascua Island

  1. Hi! I just wanted to ask where did you stay in Malapascua? We’re planning to stay somewhere near Bounty Beach, can the boat to Kalanggaman pick us at bounty beach?


    1. We stayed in a small private beach house apparently owned by ‘Aldeguers’, just in front of Los Bamboos. 🙂 It’s a beach front inn at Bounty Beach 🙂

      Yes, boats to Kalanggaman dock at Bounty Beach! 🙂


      1. How about for the boat? Do you have advance booking with them like do you already have a contact before the trip? Or tourists/guests really just get boats on the spot?


      2. We book them on the spot. There are a lot in bounty beach who’s going to ask you if you want to go to kalanggaman.

        (Btw, try asking if Malapascua-Kalanggaman is still offered from your hotel, we received one message that the route is no possible anymore? Not sure about that)


    2. hi yna i can handle also a trip to malapascua and kalangaman island for your secured and safety just contac this#09269909388 or09975895966 this jeramil ygot malapascua association,.,.,.


      1. Hi! I have another question. Coming from Malapascua, do we really need to call like the palompon tourist office to adv that we’re going to Kalanggaman? Even just for day tour?


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