Lugnason Falls Siquijor: Perfect Side-trip for a Cooldown

The blue waters of Lugnason perfect for a quick dip

Apart from the famous Cambugahay falls of Siquijor, you can also choose Lugnason Falls as a side-trip. Even though it is smaller than Cambugahay, it is still a delightful place to drop-by especially because it’s free to visit.

View of Lugnason falls from above

Lugnason falls is a wall of limestone rocks with waters coming from the a stream above. According to the guide, the main water source of the falls comes a spring deep within the mountains. It was closed for some time because the spring dried up.

Top of Lugnason Falls

If you’re coming from the beach Lugnason falls is the perfect place to cool down. We were the only ones in the area when we visited and got the whole place to ourselves. The basin is very swim-able, with waters very cool, clear and blue. It’s around 5-6 ft. deep but gets deeper in the middle. Locals would climb up the limestone walls and jump. You could also take your lunch here. There are tables and small cottages available for groups.

Shaded eating and swimming area

The road to Lugnason falls is only a few meters away from Tori’s Backpacker Paradise in the town of San Juan. If you’re heading to Maria from the town of San Juan, the sign heading to the falls will be on your left. The landmark would be Coco Grove Beach resort on your right. Just follow the road to the falls then hike down for around 5 minutes. For the second day of our Siquijor adventure we decided to hire a habal-habal to bring us to Lugnason falls and other beaches in Siquijor.

Going around Siquijor can be quite expensive. It may cost you P200 – P700 per tourist spot. We recommend getting an island tour. For only P1,000, the tricycle will bring you to destinations of your choice like Cambugahay Falls, Kagusuan Beach, Balete Tree, Salagdoong Beach, Capilay Spring park, and a lot more. Two days are enough to explore Siquijor.

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  • Habal-Habal: For our 2nd day tour we hired a habal-habal recommended by Ate Rica, one of the owners of Tori’s. We only paid P200 for a short tour to Paliton Beach, Solangon Beach (Read: Sunset Beaches of Siquijor) and Lugnason Falls.
  • Entrance: FREE. There’s no fixed entrance fee. Locals will just ask you to put something in their donation box. Just give whatever amount you deem appropriate.
  1. Lugnason falls is a perfect side-trip destination in Siquijor. If you’re traveling in groups just ride a habal-habal so they could bring you directly to the jump-off.
  2. The basin is smaller compared to Cambugahay’s so make sure you visit during off-peak season. We visited after lunch and we were the only ones there.
  3. Be careful on your way down the falls. The steps get slippery due to the mist created by the waterfalls.
  4. Take note that there are not stores or restaurants available in the area. Bring your own packed lunch or snacks.
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