Tinago Falls Iligan: A Secluded Paradise

The beauty of Tinago

Tinago Falls is definitely one of the highlights of our Iligan City trip. It is part of Iligan’s tourism triangle alongside Mimbalut and Maria Cristina Falls. Tinago Falls (a filipino term for hidden), as its name suggests, is not located just along the national highway but is hidden in a deep canyon. You’ll also need to trek down around 500 steps to see this breathtaking wonder.

Visiting Tinago Falls was our last stop. It’s a good way to end our waterfalls chasing in Iligan City. The falls is 240 feet high that drops down to a clear blue pool-like basin. It’s drop is reminiscent of light droplets that envelopes the rock face. According to our guide, it has a similar water source to Maria Cristina Falls.

Short trail before the steps

Reaching Tinago Falls can be quite a challenge but it’s definitely worth it. From the initial registration area, you may get guides to show you the way and guide your belongings while you swim. You will notice at the start of your trek that there’s an unfinished resort hotel. According to our kid guides, this was a project of the former governor but discontinued since he lost in the elections. Trekking down was easy, going back is the hard part.

Stairs to the hidden falls

You’ll also pass by another registration area where you need to sign up and pay the entrance fee. There’s no fixed rate. They call it donation. This is where you could rent your life jackets and pay for the raft ride. We recommend getting a life jacket. It’ll be easier for you to swim at Tinago Falls’ pool-like basin.

Once you reach the waterfalls, you may rent a table to place your stuff. We got two guides, and asked one of them to look over our stuff while we swim. Eating is also allowed around the basin. There are no corkage fees imposed.

You may also ride a raft which will bring you closer to the drop. Definitely a must-try if you’re not a practiced swimmer.

The pool-like basin was also one of the highlights of our visit. The water is cool and very refreshing. Our rented life jackets made us enjoy the basin even more. Some locals also jump from the surrounding cliffs into the basin. The basin is very deep.

Raft ride near the basin

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If you want to reach the drop again without paying for the raft, you may just tag along the raft on its way. We did this multiple times of course after trying out the raft ride itself. We recommend visiting Tinago Falls last if you’re in the tourism triangle area.


Tinago Falls is a jeepney ride away from the city center. Just take a Buru-un bound jeepney and tell him to drop you off at the crossing to Tinago Falls. From there, you may hire a habal-habal to bring you to the registration area of the falls. After that, you just need to hike down the stairs to reach the falls itself. You’re going to pass by NPC nature’s park on the way, it’s best to visit Maria Cristina Falls first.

Tinago Falls is one of the major attractions in Iligan’s Tourism Triangle alongside Mimbalut and Maria Cristina Falls. The three waterfalls can be conveniently visited in one day because. For more details on HOW TO GET THERE, WHERE TO STAY, FAMOUS ILIGAN LECHON and our full ILIGAN ITINERARY AND TRAVEL GUIDE (Read: Iligan Travel Guide: City of Majestic Waterfalls and the Must-try Iligan Lechon)

  • Transportation: Super Five Bus from CDO-Iligan P100, Taxi to Jaime’s Lecho P100, Jeepney to Buru-un P12.50, Habal-habal to Tinago P50. For us we paid P400 to bring us to Mimbalut and Tinago and back to Dacer’s
  • Entrance Fees: Tinago Raft Entrance fee – Donation only, Tinago raft ride P10/head, Tinago life jacket rental P25/head, Tinago table rental P75.
  1. Being one of the main natural attractions in Iligan City and northern mindanao, the waterfalls can get really crowded. So it’s best to visit on a weekday. Although visiting on a weekend is still tolerable since the fall’s basin is very huge.
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