Kayangan Lake Coron: Palawan’s Hidden Wonder

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake, located in Coron Island, is one of the most visited sites in Coron. It is one of the 2 lakes, along side Barracuda lake, open to the public. Home to the Tagbanwas, one of the oldest ethnic groups in the country, Coron Island’s mystery adds to its charm. Swimming in Kayangan Lake is a one of a kind experience you should not miss. You’ll be swimming in clear blue waters surrounded by towering lime stone rock formations.

Coron Island as seen from Mt. Tapyas

Other travelers and the Department of Tourism often post Kayangan Bay and tag it as Kayangan Lake that’s why most people mistake the bay as the lake. The boats dock along the bay and you need to hike approximately 150 steps to reach the viewpoint where most tourists take photos of the bay. After that, you need to hike down another flight of stairs to reach the lake itself. It will take you around a short 10 minute hike to reach the lake.

Kayangan Bay from the viewpoint (This is not Kayangan Lake)

Upon reaching the lake , you’ll be greeted by a massive body of water surrounded by endless walls of lime stones. The view after hiking down is only 30% of the beauty of Kayangan. You may ride a raft for free to the far-end to get to witness its sheer size. They created make-shift benches along the entrance where you could drop your bags.

View from the benches

Similar to Barracuda lake, you shouldn’t miss Kayangan’s underwater scenes. Similar to what is above, the limestone walls extend below the surface. It’s handy if you have snorkeling gears. It would be easier for you too see the enchanting and weird rock formations underwater. If you’re with a tour guide, there are also small underwater caves that you could explore. You may also rent snorkeling gears from them.

Make shift benches along the entrance

The water is very deep so cliff-diving is very possible. Make sure to have a guide with you to help. The sharp limestone walls can be pretty tricky to climb.

We’ve made a list of tips to help you explore this paradise on a budget. For more info on How to Book a Promo Flight, Itinerary and Where to Stay – Coron Palawan: A Budget Traveler’s Guide
  1. Book a flight to Coron, Palawan. Major airlines like Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have direct flights to Busuanga (USU). Skyjet also fly direct to Busuanga.
  2. From the airport, hire a van to Coron Town. Travel time is 30 minutes. P150/head
  3. At Coron Town, join a tour to Kayangan Lake. There are a lot of tour operators in town who offer packages tours including Kayangan Lake. Here’s a list of hotels in Coron town.

For a list of must-visit places in Coron – 9 Must-Visit Places in Coron Palawan

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