5 Unique Accommodations in the Philippines Worth Visiting for Less Than P1000


Traveling around the country introduces you to a lot of places, each with their own unique charm and character. As budget travelers ourselves, we veer away from expensive, fancy hotels because they take up a chunk off our budget. For the past year, we discovered 5 unique and affordable inns worth visiting!


When exploring the western part of Panay Island in the Visayas, do not forget to drop-by this quiet inn located along Tibiao River. They have fan rooms for small and big groups. There’s no cellphone signal here which makes the place perfect for an escape. During the wet season, the weather is quite chilly, so make sure to bring your malongs and jackets with you. Most importantly, they offer the famous kawa hot bath – the best place in town to get it!

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Some of their huts have balconies overlooking the powerful Tibiao River.
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They also offer the famous Kawa Hot Bath for only P250/head
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The view from our balcony

For more details on how to get to Kayak Inn please read Kawa Hot Bath of Tibiao Antique: Hot Tub By the River


We discovered Halos Farm and Resort when we visited Dipaculao Beach in Aurora Province. All the hotels were fully booked along the main beach of Dipaculao so we decided to drive back to Baler. On our way back, we discovered this small quaint resort farm and it did not disappoint!

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The Hobbit-like landscape with a tree house and spring pool

Halos Farm and Resort is located in Aurora Province, 30 minutes away from the white sand beach of Dipaculao. They have private rooms for couples, tree house accommodations and rooms for big groups. The best part is it’s located just along a boulder beach. The sound of the waves add to the ambiance. They also have 3 spring pools scattered around the small property. One of them is an infinity pool by the sea. When we visited, we were the only ones checked in!

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The relaxing spring pool facing the boulder beach of Aurora province

For more details on how to get to Halos Farm and Resort please read Dipaculao Beach: A Hidden White Sand Paradise Beyond Baler


When we visited Buscalan Village in 2015, we didn’t book any accommodations before going up the mountains of Kalinga. The guides just suggested that we stay in their small homestay they call Rastafariso we did and we quickly fell in love with the place.

View from Rastafari overlooking the Buscalan Rice Terraces

The place is located on the upper part of the village just a few minutes walk away from where Whang-od usually tattoos. The first floor houses the kitchen and the bathroom. The second floor is just an empty room where you’ll lay down your mats for sleeping. The balcony is what sets this place apart. The view is just amazing facing the Buscalan Rice Terraces and the mountain range of Kalinga.

Buscalan sunrise with the Kalinga mountain range in the background

For more details on how to get to Rastafari Inn please read Buscalan Kalinga: Home of the Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist Whang-Od


Lola Sayong’s Surf Camp is located 10-12 hours away from the capital. It’s located in Gubat, a small town in Sorsogon province. Just along Rizal beach, the surf camp offers affordable hut accommodations good for 2-6 people. They also have a small camp site where you can pitch your tents. The overall vibe and the friendliness of the locals add to the experience.

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Be sure to reserve before visiting, since they only have 6 huts around the property

They also have a small outdoor restaurant that serves affordable meals. They make great fruit shakes too. When visiting on a Friday, they usually invite over a band to play. Beers and cocktails are available as well.

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Kawayan-dotted outdoor restaurant

In front of the beach is a detox area where hammocks are scattered perfect for relaxation. Take note that smoking and loud music are not allowed in this area.

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One of the hammocks facing the quiet and empty Rizal Beach

For more details on how to get to Lola Sayong’s Surf Camp please read Gubat Sorsogon: The Unexplored Rizal Beach of Bicol


Turublien is a beach front backpacker hostel located in Long Beach – the longest white sand beach in the Philippines. It is one of only three beach front accommodation in the southern stretch of Long beach.

The famous Long Beach of San Vicente, Palawan

They have a total of 10 rooms. They have fan and air-conditioned rooms for backpackers and families alike. They also have a beach front common area with cottages and beach beds. Staying here is very affordable, a fan room for two to three will only set you back at P600/night. Food is also very affordable and delicious. They only cook what’s available in the market. You may order beer from them as well.

One unique feature of Turublien is the river that separates the common area to the rooms. For you to get to your room, you need to hop on a small boat to get to the guest rooms. It will only take around a minute. The common area is the one located on the beach itself.

The river during summer is as clear as the sea. A very short boat ride will take you to your rooms.

It’s good to drop by here if you’re going to El Nido. The place is very quiet and the staff are very helpful and friendly.

For more details on how to get to Turublien Long Beach Inn please read Long Beach San Vicente Palawan: The Longest White Sand Beach in the Philippines

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