Long Beach San Vicente Palawan: The Longest White Sand Beach in the Philippines


Palawan, arguably the world’s No. 1 island, is well known for Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa’s beautiful island hopping destinations and white sand beaches. An emerging destination not known to many is Long Beach in San Vicente, Palawan. According to local tourism officials, it is the longest white sand beach in the Philippines. The whole stretch is 14.7 km long lined with endless palm trees with only three beach front inns and nothing else. It is a beautiful virgin beach – a perfect destination away from the city’s noise.

The southern end of the whole 14.7 km stretch
  1. Book a flight to Puerto Princesa. Major airlines like Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines fly daily to Puerto Princesa International Airport. Travel time: 1 hour. You may also use your GetGo points to fly for free.
  2. From Puerto Princesa International Airport, ride a tricycle to San Jose Bus Terminal. Travel time: 20-30 minutes.
  3. Ride a van to San Vicente from San Jose Bus Terminal. The earliest departure time is 4:00am up until lunch time. Travel time: 3 hours. Alight at Poblacion in San Vicente, the nearest major town near Long Beach.
  4. Ride a tricycle to Turublien (where we stayed) or to the resort/hostel of your choice. Travel time: 15-20 minutes.

The long beach is near Poblacion, San Vicente. You may look for hotels in the town center. There are also three beach front accommodations along the Long Beach: Club Agutaya (high-end resort), Ursula and Turublien (both for backpackers).

We recommend staying at Turublien Inn. They have the most affordable fan and air-conditioned rooms in Long Beach. They also have a beach front common area for relaxation. You may ask them to cook food for you or ask them what’s available for cooking. They offer unlimited rice as well! They also offer coffee, beer and other alchoholic drinks at a minimum price.

Riding a very quick boat ride to the beach front common area of Turublien

During our stay, Kuya Alex and his staff were really friendly and accommodating. We highly recommend staying here. Don’t expect much though as it is more for backpackers. Rooms are very basic but kept clean. Their restroom is quite small but manageable.

Ursula is located on the southern end of the Long Beach where locals usually swim. Club Agutaya is located near the mid-point but staying here would set you back P8,000+/night.

Turublien Long Beach Inn & Bar Contact: Alex Baaco (Owner), 0910-659-7885, 0908-821-6652, 0936-102-1158, turublienlongbeach@yahoo.com, Facebook. Here’s a list of hotels from Booking.com.


We stayed at Long Beach, San Vicente for 3 days for a quiet escape before we head to El Nido. It did not disappoint. From Puerto Princesa, we headed directly to Poblacion, San Vicente and checked in at Turublien Inn. From San Jose Bus Terminal, there are vans going to San Vicente directly. Be there 30 minutes before your desired departure time.

The van will stop at Poblacion in San Vicente, the main town nearest to Long Beach. From there you may rent a trike to your desired hotel/inn. We went there without any reservations, luckily a local informed us about Turublien – one of the three beach front accommodation in Long Beach.

View of Long Beach from beach front of Turublien – endless palm trees!

Long Beach, dubbed as the longest white sand beach in the Philippines, spans 14.7 kilometers starting from Poblacion, San Vicente (south) to Alimanguan (north). If you look at Long Beach in Google Maps, the whole stretch is composed of differently-named beaches because it spans a number of barangays.

Common sight when walking – very few local houses and palm trees!

The beach is perfect if you want really want a quiet getaway. There are no bars nor establishments along the stretch. It gets really quiet at night and the sound of the waves are all you’re going to hear. The beach is lined with palm trees and very few local houses. The sand is naturally cream-colored but turns white when dried out completely by the sun.

Cream colored sand of Long Beach

We tried to walk the whole stretch but it took us two hours (with stops) just to reach the mid-point. During low-tide, the compact sand gets exposed so locals ride their habal-habal on it. During our walk, we also saw a couple of cars (driven by tourists) on the beach itself. If you know how to ride a motorcycle, renting a habal-habal is possible.

Processed with VSCO with g2 preset
Walk, ride a habal-habal or drive in Long Beach; it’s empty anyway!

Directions to El Nido from Long Beach, San Vicente: You may ask Kuya Alex of Turublien to arrange a van pick up for you to bring you to the “crossing” (the main road to El Nido). From the crossing, wait for a van or bus heading to El Nido. You may also ride a tricycle to the crossing but it will cost more.

Directions are similar if you’re heading back to Puerto Princesa, just ride a Puerto Princesa bound bus or van from the crossing.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Soon to be developed, but for now, bask in its emptiness

There are plans to convert Long Beach into one of the go-to destinations of Palawan. The local government already created the TEZ or the Tourism Enterprise Zone – a master plan for Long Beach’s resorts and future developments. The San Vicente Airport construction is planned to be finished by year-end (December 2016). The local government expects it to be one of the major gateways to Palawan exposing more tourists to the beautiful Long Beach.

Very undeveloped and quiet. Most beach front lots are already bought by big resort players.
  • Transportation: Tricycle to San Jose Bus Terminal P50/ride, Van to Poblacion San Vicente P300/head, Tricycle to Turublien Inn P50/ride, Van to El Nido from Crossing P300/head, Van from Turublien to Crossing P50/head
  • Food: Lunch/Dinner at Turublien P150-P200/menu good for 3-4 people, Breakfast at Turublien P60/meal, Unlimited Rice at Turublien P50/head (they charged us only P50 for our three-day stay)
  • Accommodation: P600/night Fan Room for 2-3 people
  1. Be there 30 minutes before your desired date of departure. Sometimes the van leaves earlier or later than expected posted times.
  2. Going around Long Beach is easy. You may hire a habal-habal to explore the whole stretch, if you have the budget.
  3. Do not swim in the middle part of Long Beach. The current there is strong. There were locals and tourists reportedly drowned in the area because of the current.
  4. Bring insect-repellent. Long Beach is a virgin beach hence there are a lot of sand flies especially before sunset.
  5. Call Turublien Inn prior to going, specially during peak season.

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